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I open my eyes and squint at the grey light of my dimly lit bedroom. It’s hellishly early (for me), 7:50 am to be precise. My gallant husband, holding a squirmy grinning 15 month old with milk dried all over her face, is standing in the doorway. “I’ve made you breakfast and tea,” he announces and flourishes his arm toward the living room. “Get up!” […]



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Last night I was sitting in the living room, trying to relax, when baby sneaky-crawled into the kitchen. I assumed that she was going to throw all her food pouches off her “special shelf” as she does twelve thousand times a day. I was wrong. I listened for the familiar thud of overpriced baby food pouches hitting the floor, but they never came. Instead I […]

Baby raccoon


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(Pic of me proving that preggos can still have fun at 37 weeks… kinda) Here they are folks!! Nobody asked for them, but here they are!!! Woot woot! Baby girl is almost here… 11 Weeks!!! 28 Weeks! 32 Weeks!! 33 Weeks! 35 Weeks!! 38 Weeks!!

The Obligatory Preggo Pics


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Bowel Obstructions… just the thought of them inspires giggles of joy and uncontrollable maniacal fits of smiling!! To quote the eloquent Cher Horowitz “As if!!!” I have had two bowel obstructions during the past ten months: a full bowel obstruction (miserable experience) and a partial bowel obstruction (not terrible experience). Let me begin by saying I have had four abdominal surgeries in the form of […]

Bowel obstructions & the joy of an NG tube (the aftermath of abdominal surgery due to ulcerative colitis)


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Life with a j-pouch is a real pain in the #$%. Literally. Sometimes I feel that the world needs to balance things for me by, for instance, making me an instant millionaire or something. But knowing my luck, it would end up biting me in the rear anyway… Best Life Tip: Sometimes you just have to laugh at your misfortunes

The Universe is a Funny Bitch


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I’m trying to act like more of an adult. Not sure why, but I have. As part of that goal I’ve decided to broaden my outfit horizons. More specifically, to wear items that are gathering dust in my closet. So, I get in clothing ruts. I will wear the same two pairs of jeans every day with the same handful of shirts, even though I […]

Trying To Be An Adult


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I like the closure on this bag.  The bag has a velcro closure that you then roll up further and tuck into the sleeve of the bag where there is a second velcro closure.  I feel like it is more secure than the Hollister bag I reviewed. This is a one-piece bag.  I don’t like that you can’t see your stoma when applying the bag. […]

Ostomy life: coloplast bag review


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I have had my (second) ileostomy for almost three weeks, and I am trying out products to see which is the best for me.  Convatec is out because I have sensitive skin and their products made my skin boil.  So, this week I have been using a Hollister light convexity bag.  It is a two part system with Hollisters “floating flange” and velcro sealed bag […]

Ostomy life: hollister bag review


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About three years ago I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis, and about two weeks ago I had surgery which left me with a temporary ileostomy.  This is actually my second temporary ileostomy, I got my first less than two years ago as a result of ulcerative colitis.  My first surgery was an ileostomy in August 2011 to remove my colon which, as my doctor […]

My story: my second ostomy


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