Dog Tails: 3 puppies, 3 families


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Last December my husband surprised me by telling me I was getting a puppy for Christmas!  He knew I would want to choose it so he told me on December 22nd.  We went to several pounds before I found my furry four legged friend.  I knew I wanted a chow mix and called ahead to ensure that each pound had some.  After scouring the pounds in our city, we started looking in the city my inlaws live in since we were going up there for the 23rd and 24th.  I called the pound in their area and was told they had a litter of chow mixes.  We arrived at the shelter and told the staff what we were looking for.  We were taken to a  large room filled with cages and I beelined for the one that held the chow-mix puppies.  “That one” I said to the girl helping us “the boy.”

“How do you know it’s a boy?” she asked.  “I just know” I replied.

She picked up the fuzzy red puppy which closely resembled a teddy bear and we headed to a visiting room.  Once he was on the floor he came up and said hello and proceeded to clumsily fetch a tiny stuffed sock monkey.  He made terrific eye contact (always important), he wasn’t shy or fearful, and he interacted with us very well.  He was in our car within fifteen minutes.  He wiggled and bit all the way to my inlaws house, prompting us to stop at a Walgreens to pick up a chew toy.  We walked in the door and introduced him to everyone and he was an instant hit, to put it mildly.

But lets fast forward to Christmas Day…

We arrived at my parent’s house with the puppy in tow.  My parents had no idea we had bought a puppy.  I covered him in a blanket and walked in and nonchalantly dumped the squirmy bundle in my mothers lap.  As he poked out his head she exclaimed “he’s for me!?” and she gave me one of the biggest smiles I’d ever seen her give.  “Um, no… he’s mine.  But isn’t he cute?” I grinned.

“He’s adorable!  Look at these paws!  He’s going to be huge!” she said “What is his name? Are you sure you want him? You don’t want to give him to me instead?”

“His name is Hudson and I’m quite sure I want him, Mummy.  But he has three sisters if you want one of them.”

But he has three sisters if you want one of them… little did I know the magnitude of these words.  As soon as I said them, my mother smiled happily, looked down at Hudson, and said “I’m going to get your sister!”  The next day she called the pound, asked the volunteer what they looked like, chose the solid colored one, paid for it, and two days later my husband picked up the puppy.  My parents named their pup Freja.

Now Hudson had caused quite the stir at my inlaws house.  As soon as they saw him, my youngest brother in law started asking for a puppy and my mother in law started tearing up about how she’d “never had a dog of her own.”  But Freja was what pushed my mother in law over the edge however.  When John took Freja to his parents house, my mother in law fell in love and all but outright asked her boys to buy her one of the puppies.  The next day John was back at the pound again, picking up the last of the litter, who is now named Sophie.

So.  One litter.  Three pups.  Three interrelated families.  How would these pups turn out?  What would they look like when they grew up?  Would they all be smart?  Would they all be well behaved?  How would they spend their days?  Only time would tell…

Best life tip: Thinking about adopting a four legged friend?  Adopt from your local rescue organization instead of going to a breeder.  They are just as cute, and you are saving a furry little life in the process!

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