Ostomy life: coloplast bag review


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I like the closure on this bag.  The bag has a velcro closure that you then roll up further and tuck into the sleeve of the bag where there is a second velcro closure.  I feel like it is more secure than the Hollister bag I reviewed.

This is a one-piece bag.  I don’t like that you can’t see your stoma when applying the bag.

It is low profile.  My friends commented that they couldn’t tell I was wearing an ostomy bag.  They couldn’t even decide which side my ostomy was on!

I like that the whole sticker is plastic instead of that bandaid like material that most ostomy bags have surrounding them.

The Coloplast welcome kit was choc full of goodies.  They included things that the other manufacturers didn’t which made me feel like they were a little more innovative and more likely to offer unique solutions to any problems that may arise. For example, they included a belt that clips on to your appliance and gives it some support.  It definitely makes the appliance feel more secure, however, due to the fact my midline incision is still healing, I can’t wear the belt yet.  I wore it for a few hours and it rubbed at the midline uncomfortably.

This is the bag I ultimately went with. I don’t remember the product number because I got reversed three months ago and I don’t have any bags left!!!!

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