Trying To Be An Adult


Posted on May 4, 2014 by


I’m trying to act like more of an adult. Not sure why, but I have. As part of that goal I’ve decided to broaden my outfit horizons. More specifically, to wear items that are gathering dust in my closet. So, I get in clothing ruts. I will wear the same two pairs of jeans every day with the same handful of shirts, even though I have a billion tops and bottoms. Ok not billions, but a lot, like a million or something.

Here is my two step process:
1) Scour Pinterest and Google for outfit ideas
2) Use the stuff in my closet to bring the ideas I find on the internet to life
3) Put the clothes on and feel like an adult!!!!

I’ve done this a couple days a week for the past month(ish) and today I decided to start photographing my efforts. Hopefully I will keep adding photos a couple times a week. Yay adulthood!!!!

Best Life Tip: Get out of your comfort zone…


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