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Charleston Dog Show 2013

Last Saturday my husband, John, and I went to the Charleston Dog Show.  I had been looking forward to this event for months. We took our six month old puppy Hudson along to compete in the puppy contest.  We had been working very hard on his  “loose-leash” training and this was going to be the ultimate test of his skills.  I’d love to say that […]

Dog tails: Charleston Dog Show 2013


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Hudson after enjoying his shower with Mommy.

Once upon a time there was a chow-mix puppy named Marley and he loved water. So when his Mommy took showers he would stick his head in and drink water and let all the nice hot steam out of Mommy’s shower. One day Mommy invited Marley in. Marley got soaking wet and never bothered Mommy in the shower again. 12 years later a chow-mix puppy […]

The tail of the unwelcome shower-puppy


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