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I open my eyes and squint at the grey light of my dimly lit bedroom. It’s hellishly early (for me), 7:50 am to be precise. My gallant husband, holding a squirmy grinning 15 month old with milk dried all over her face, is standing in the doorway. “I’ve made you breakfast and tea,” he announces and flourishes his arm toward the living room. “Get up!” […]



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Last night I was sitting in the living room, trying to relax, when baby sneaky-crawled into the kitchen. I assumed that she was going to throw all her food pouches off her “special shelf” as she does twelve thousand times a day. I was wrong. I listened for the familiar thud of overpriced baby food pouches hitting the floor, but they never came. Instead I […]

Baby raccoon


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I’m trying to act like more of an adult. Not sure why, but I have. As part of that goal I’ve decided to broaden my outfit horizons. More specifically, to wear items that are gathering dust in my closet. So, I get in clothing ruts. I will wear the same two pairs of jeans every day with the same handful of shirts, even though I […]

Trying To Be An Adult


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Charleston Dog Show 2013

Last Saturday my husband, John, and I went to the Charleston Dog Show.  I had been looking forward to this event for months. We took our six month old puppy Hudson along to compete in the puppy contest.  We had been working very hard on his  “loose-leash” training and this was going to be the ultimate test of his skills.  I’d love to say that […]

Dog tails: Charleston Dog Show 2013


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Over the past two years I have incurred a lot of medical bills, so I am low on cash a lot of the time. The mental burden of feeling helpless in the face of those bills made me constantly concerned about our finances. I found that curbing my spending, and only purchasing “essentials” made me feel less anxious about those bills, because I am doing […]

Low on cash? Cut and Slash (your spending)!!!


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My husband and I were bored recently and decided to explore our home town, Charleston. The Angel Oak on Johns Island: John and I were looking for something to get us out of the house that didn’t require a lot of commitment (time or money wise).  The Angel Oak is about fifteen minutes from downtown Charleston and entry is free.  It is a huuuuuge oak […]

Stuff to do in Charleston


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Ah the plight of the entitled. Those lovely people who believe they should get something for nothing either because they just need it, so the world must cough it up and give it to them no matter what the cost is to other people OR because they think they deserve it because of who they or their parents are.  The truth is, nobody owes you […]

You aren’t entitled to #$%*, so pay the piper


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My mother and grandmother have rented an apartment in London for a month and a half… and I am going to visit for three weeks!  My mother was kind enough to use her frequent flyer miles to fly me over.  Free vacation!!  My husband John and my friend Erica are also coming over, and their visits will overlap a couple of days which is awesome.  […]

London 2012: the planning phase


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There has been a lot of discussion about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, and I agree that it has been pretty bad.  Just go to Twitter and search “#NBCfail” and you’ll get an eyefull of complaints.  With tonight’s closing ceremony however, NBC’s coverage went from bad to horrible, and I couldn’t help but jump on board the bitchfest-bandwagon. The delay NBC’s coverage of the Olympic […]

Rant: 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony #NBCfail


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