About This Site

This website is dedicated to the small and seemingly pointless things that can have a big impact on your life.  I want to help readers live their best life by encouraging creativity, healthy living, coping with hardships, good relationships, community involvement, money smarts, positive outlook, intellectual growth, trying new experiences… you name it!

Who I am:

I live with my husband, daughter, and large red dog in South Carolina.  I am a wife, a blogger, a mediocre cook, a recovering patient, a reluctant exerciser, a good friend, a dog lover, and, lastly, an EX attorney. 

What inspired me to start this site:

About two years ago I became very unwell and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  During this time I kept a notebook in which I logged what I ate, the time I ate it, the medicines I took, my pain levels…I hoped it would provide a clue as to what was making me feel like I was being stabbed in the abdomen.  Good idea in theory, but after ending up in hospital three times in a year and having two surgeries, I gave up.  The whole endeavor had been fruitless, which led to my husband and I affectionately calling the notebook “the book of pointless.”

One day I was flipping through the book of pointless and I noticed occasional entries that mentioned something fun I did, such as “went to dinner with Nick” or “Alison came over to watch a movie.”  It helped me realize that my last year and a half hadn’t just been sickness, I had happy moments too.  It made me realize that the little things in life are what make life good, and helped me recognize how important a positive outlook can be.  I started to think about little things I could do every day that would make me happier and well rounded, such as making friends, keeping friends, reading more so I am more knowledgeable about world events, and trying new experiences.  After keeping a journal of the steps I have taken, or tried to take, I decided to start this website to help others live their best life too.




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