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My husband and I were bored recently and decided to explore our home town, Charleston. The Angel Oak on Johns Island: John and I were looking for something to get us out of the house that didn’t require a lot of commitment (time or money wise).  The Angel Oak is about fifteen minutes from downtown Charleston and entry is free.  It is a huuuuuge oak […]

Stuff to do in Charleston


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My mother and grandmother have rented an apartment in London for a month and a half… and I am going to visit for three weeks!  My mother was kind enough to use her frequent flyer miles to fly me over.  Free vacation!!  My husband John and my friend Erica are also coming over, and their visits will overlap a couple of days which is awesome.  […]

London 2012: the planning phase


Posted on September 5, 2012 by

Full width Antiques Road Show

In March of this year I found out that the Antiques Road Show was coming to Myrtle Beach South Carolina in June.  I love the show, so I excitedly went online, submitted my name to the ticket raffle, and crossed my fingers.  A couple months later I found out I’d won tickets!  I couldn’t believe it, over 100,000 people applied for tickets and only 6,000 […]

Antiques Road Show


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Full width Picnic 3

Are you an outgoing and fun-loving person looking for ways to entertain yourself without breaking the bank?!!  Me too!!!!  How’s that for an overzealous intro?  So here’s the skinny, I enjoy going out but I don’t always have the cash to spend on entertainment.  I’m guessing that there are more than a few people in the world who face my predicament, so here are my […]

Entertainment on the Cheap


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Full width Garage Sale

My husband John loves tinkering with things and collecting tools.  It isn’t an expensive hobby because he buys most of his non-electric tools at the local pawn shop where they only cost a couple of dollars each.  Recently however, he started complaining that he couldn’t find anything he wanted at the pawn shops anymore.  I suggested that he try going to a yard sale, something […]

So you’re going to your first garage sale?


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