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Hudson after enjoying his shower with Mommy.

Once upon a time there was a chow-mix puppy named Marley and he loved water. So when his Mommy took showers he would stick his head in and drink water and let all the nice hot steam out of Mommy’s shower. One day Mommy invited Marley in. Marley got soaking wet and never bothered Mommy in the shower again. 12 years later a chow-mix puppy […]

The tail of the unwelcome shower-puppy


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Over the past two years I have incurred a lot of medical bills, so I am low on cash a lot of the time. The mental burden of feeling helpless in the face of those bills made me constantly concerned about our finances. I found that curbing my spending, and only purchasing “essentials” made me feel less anxious about those bills, because I am doing […]

Low on cash? Cut and Slash (your spending)!!!


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Ah the plight of the entitled. Those lovely people who believe they should get something for nothing either because they just need it, so the world must cough it up and give it to them no matter what the cost is to other people OR because they think they deserve it because of who they or their parents are.  The truth is, nobody owes you […]

You aren’t entitled to #$%*, so pay the piper


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F*^%!!!!! So much spam!!!


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Just a quick note to say that I have been receiving an inordinate amount of spam comments.  It is getting out of control.  I have installed some spam blockers and I hope they work.  I don’t want to force people to register as users in order to comment, but it is getting to that point.  I am getting over 60 spam comments a day, I have started marking comments as “spam” in bulk so I may have accidentally put real comments in my spam folder.  Unfortunately there are too many spam comments to moderate for me to filter out the non-spam by hand.

I apologize if anyone left a comment and I deleted it because of this issue!

Best life tip:  Don’t throw the computer across the room when faced with technical difficulties :/