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Over the past two years I have incurred a lot of medical bills, so I am low on cash a lot of the time. The mental burden of feeling helpless in the face of those bills made me constantly concerned about our finances. I found that curbing my spending, and only purchasing “essentials” made me feel less anxious about those bills, because I am doing […]

Low on cash? Cut and Slash (your spending)!!!


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Sunscreen has been in the news quite a bit this year because of new FDA regulations 1.  Sunscreen manufacturers will be required to identify the type of rays that are being blocked, and how water resistant the formula is.  The regulations are not in effect yet, but they highlight an important topic: sunscreens are not created equal.  It would be nice to be able to […]

Screening your Sunscreen: sunscreens are not created equal


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This is the story of my battle with ulcerative colitis. Journal entry from early 2011:  “It is your first year of marriage.  You imagine how happy you are going to be starting your life together.  It sounds silly but I was looking forward to learning how to cook him dinner, dressing prettily and flirting with him, arranging fresh flowers on the dining table, entertaining, laughing, […]

My Story – Part One


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