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My mother and grandmother have rented an apartment in London for a month and a half… and I am going to visit for three weeks!  My mother was kind enough to use her frequent flyer miles to fly me over.  Free vacation!!  My husband John and my friend Erica are also coming over, and their visits will overlap a couple of days which is awesome.  […]

London 2012: the planning phase


Posted on September 5, 2012 by

Full width NBCfail

There has been a lot of discussion about NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, and I agree that it has been pretty bad.  Just go to Twitter and search “#NBCfail” and you’ll get an eyefull of complaints.  With tonight’s closing ceremony however, NBC’s coverage went from bad to horrible, and I couldn’t help but jump on board the bitchfest-bandwagon. The delay NBC’s coverage of the Olympic […]

Rant: 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony #NBCfail


Posted on August 12, 2012 by