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Charleston Dog Show 2013

Last Saturday my husband, John, and I went to the Charleston Dog Show.  I had been looking forward to this event for months. We took our six month old puppy Hudson along to compete in the puppy contest.  We had been working very hard on his  “loose-leash” training and this was going to be the ultimate test of his skills.  I’d love to say that […]

Dog tails: Charleston Dog Show 2013


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Full width Antiques Road Show

In March of this year I found out that the Antiques Road Show was coming to Myrtle Beach South Carolina in June.  I love the show, so I excitedly went online, submitted my name to the ticket raffle, and crossed my fingers.  A couple months later I found out I’d won tickets!  I couldn’t believe it, over 100,000 people applied for tickets and only 6,000 […]

Antiques Road Show


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Full width Socializing

I was at a happy hour networking event and I was introduced to a girl named Primrose (alias alert!!!).  Primrose had a big smile, made good eye contact, and seemed very nice.  She asked me what I did and where I worked, and after obliging her with a quick answer I asked her the same thing.  As she spoke I decided that she was nice […]

Socializing 101: The Two Hour Monologue


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Full width Picnic 3

Are you an outgoing and fun-loving person looking for ways to entertain yourself without breaking the bank?!!  Me too!!!!  How’s that for an overzealous intro?  So here’s the skinny, I enjoy going out but I don’t always have the cash to spend on entertainment.  I’m guessing that there are more than a few people in the world who face my predicament, so here are my […]

Entertainment on the Cheap


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